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Fall 2018 Season


Brief Overview

The Family Jam is a group of parents and kids that gather in living rooms to learn and play Americana music.  We hire violin and guitar instructors to teach songs by ear.  We also start each class with 30 minutes of socializing and snacks. Why? Because having fun and building friendships is what makes life worth living.


Registration Form

You can register for the class by completing the following registration form. The cost is $80 ($20/class) per family for the four classes.  


Registration Form (Click Here)


Brief History

In 2012, the Family Jam co-founders organized an all-ages music class to create a positive music experience for their kids. It turned out that parents also enjoyed the rare opportunity to learn and play music with their families and neighbors. The Americana music style was chosen because it accommodates a wide range of instruments, including violins, cellos, guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, recorders, harmonicas, and harmoniums (for piano players).


How it Works

We gather for a series of music lessons (about two per month) led by paid instructors. Participating families host classes, share the cost of instructors, contribute to a potluck snack table, and suggest songs. Rob Guillemin, the Family Jam organizer, volunteers his time to locate instructors and handle administrative needs.


The Family Jam participants include parents and children (mainly 4th through 6th grade) who play the violin, cello, guitar or ukulele. Other ages and instruments are welcomed.


The learn-by-ear method and repertoire of kid-friendly tunes make the music easy and fun to play.  And, the group format transforms each music "lesson" into a lively social event.  


Class Format

Each lesson lasts 1.5 hours, starting with 30 minutes to socialize, tune instruments, and enjoy a pot-luck snack table.  The instruction begins with a song rendition that everyone is taught to sing.  Once the melody is understood, students break up into small groups to learn their parts.  after 30-40 minutes, we gather again to practice the song as an ensemble.  The class ends by reviewing past songs and, if there is time, previewing future songs.


Tentative Class Schedule

Classes take place on Sunday afternoons, typically between 2:30 PM and 4:00 PM.


  • Sunday, Sept. 30: Lesson #1

  • Sunday, Oct. 28: Lesson #2

  • Sunday, Nov. 18: Lesson #3

  • Sunday, Nov. 25: Lesson #4



If you have any questions, contact Family Jam co-founder Rob Guillemin at




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